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They can, your friend's not sick, these people are just scared of other guy's penises. I am a heterosexual Caucasian male living in Upstate New York. Unfortunately, I never did; my brother always thought I was a drag on his social life, so we were never really "close' enough to share those kind of "secrets" during HS. He had come on holiday with my family and had just got engaged to my Sister a week or two previous. They asked if we knew about masturbation; we said, "What's that? I wouldn't know because i have never done it with my other brother who is 25 and I'm

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I'm just wondering how we can do more instead just watching each other masturbate.

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Please Remember To Remain Kind and Civil

All submissions must be a confession. But masturbating each other is a different story. He reached around and started to fondle me. I shared a room with an older brother who wanted the freedom to masturbate anytime he wanted, so he showed me what "the big boys" do. And unlike me i think hes straight

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do brother masturbate eachother
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do brother masturbate eachother
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