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This innocent girl has never tasted anything as delicious as her pussy. Tied up and forced to watch these sexy college co-eds banging this lucky guy! Even the coach himself is pleased that they have this winning attitude so to reward them, he took the naked cheerleaders all off of his cock, lined them up and exploded with his semen all over their faces. When the girls saw it, they all wanted a piece of it so all three of them were on the floor just like that. I fucked her really nice and I loved the way she screamed. This fine young man is new in college and this beautiful blonde coed is giving him a tour of college campus which ends at the door of her dorm where she welcomes him to campus life by pressing her hot body against his, kissing his lips, shoving her tongue inside his mouth and reaching for that big bulge between his legs!

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I have to teach my students all that they have to know for any upcoming test.

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An unholy way to kick off this kind of celebration, yeah? Her sexy friends are beside their coach and are waiting for their turn on the cock. The girls start kissing, soft and gentle at first, gaining momentum and intensity as their wet tongues entwine and they start touching and undressing each other. A studying session with three young naked girls turned into crazy foursome. This is the kind of punishment she had been longing for. Getting hot pussy for Christmas was so much better than cookies and milk and I promised these naughty girls to visit them next Christmas if they promised to keep misbehaving and being very naughty!

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