Moms naked in backseat

After all, she had bought the thermometer-heated-by-light-bulb trick again, without complaint. Did she imagine Dad then, gripping her hair? But suddenly an image came into view, and I spent the next few seconds focusing. I reached around Mom and felt her tits now with both hands, realizing how great they really were. I asked, partially to change subjects, partially to satisfy an old curiosity: Amateur spreading in the backseat.

Every morning Glenn rode past my house as I started my four-block trek to the bus stop, brown lunch bag in hand.

Man in Backseat of ’73 Plymouth Duster

I strained to see her somewhere, bobbing; I swung my arm outward, back and forth, in a desperate search. My hand remained still. She lie there with only a wonderful serene look on her beautiful face. Trying not to realize what I had just done. I could feel heat from her pussy.

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