Trim Repair Process

Cars have varying types of trims from door trims and bumper trims to wing and bonnet trims, when they are scuffed of chipped they can look unsightly and make the car look tatty. Repairing trims is a simple process for there is no blending in of the paint required for you can spray the entire component due to its size.

This customer scuffed his bumper trim on another moving car while trying to manoeuvre out of a car parking spot. He contacted us via email and sent a photo to us for a quote. We replied within 24 hours with a quote and a possible date and time that we could carry out the repair.

Bumper Trim Damage

As you can see from the photo the scuff has taken off a fair amount of the plastic bumper trim and scratched the surrounding area to.
The repair required a fair amount of filler and primer before it was ready to re-paint.

Bumper Trim Repair

The trim repair took 2 hours to fully complete to a water tight finish.

If you have damage on any of your car trims and need them repaired, you can contact us on 0800 0778832 or for more information or if you need a quote.