Stone Chip Repair Process

Stone chips are an unavoidable problem that can occur on most cars the only way you can protect yourself from these is to not drive your car at all and leave it in the garage, this is both unpractical and not financially viable. There are a few techniques you can employ to reduce the amount of stone chips you receive but in the end you will still get some no matter what you do.

This customer was driving on the motorway and a stone flicked up from the tyres from the car in front and impacted his bonnet which took the paint off and left a chip behind. When you get a stone chip there are only 2 ways they can be repaired touch in or respray. Resprays are not viable to carry out on the bonnet or roofs for the areas are too large but are great for wings, bumpers and door edges. This customer had his chip on the bonnet so the touch up option would be the only repair available.

Stone Chip Damage

As you can see the stone has taken a large chip of paint off the cars bonnet.

Stone Chip Repair

The repair is virtually invisible and not noticeable from a distance.

If you live within the areas that we cover and require a similar repair, email a photo to or text us an image 07966 799721. If we can’t help we can point you in the direction of someone who can.