Stone Chip Prevention

Stone chips are unavoidable but there are ways in which you can reduce the amount of stone chips you get by following these easy tips laid out below.

Slow Down
By slowing down and keeping your distance from the car in front you will reduce the amount of stone chips that get thrown up by its tyres. Speed is an important factor for when a stone or piece of debris is thrown towards your car and you are travelling at high speed, the impact will be greater and will remove more paint and cause more damage than if you were travelling at a slower speed.

Protect your car

You can buy protective film that gets placed over your cars bonnet, wings and front bumper. It doesn’t look too bad and will repel most small stones it comes in contact with. Larger stones or debris that is travelling at high speed will penetrate the film and unfortunately chip your body panel. This type of film comes as standard with some cars such as a porche, you can see it on the rear wheel arches where they flare out.

Keep off motorways

By keeping off motorways and staying on A roads you are reducing your contact with other vehicles where you can control the distance and speed your car is from the car in front, therefore reducing the chance of stone chip damage.

These pieces of advice will reduce the amount of stone chips you might get but will not completely eradicate the problem as a whole.