Seat Burn Repairs

Seat burns are generally caused when a cigarette is accidently dropped onto the seat whilst the driver is in motion or stationery. The burning embers of the cigarette will burn through the outer layer of the seat and into the foam cushion. The best type of fix is to have the seat re upholstered which involves losing the car for a few days and can be expensive. Scuff n chips offer a service which can repair the burn by using different types of fibres to fill in the seat burn. It's not 100% invisible when finished but if you didn't know there was a seat burn there then you would never notice it. Cost can vary from burn to burn, average cost are between £35 - £75.

Seat Burn Images Before and After
Seat burn damage   Seat burn fixed

Seat Burn Before

This burn has gone through the top layer of fabric and also part of the foam backing


Seat Burn After

The damage has been filled with some foam and matching fibres placed in the hole.

Burn on Seat   Burn repair

Seat Burn

The strange shape of this burn was caused by trying to pick up the cigarette while driving and in doing so making the damage worse.


Seat Burn Fixed

The damage wasnt too deep and only needed matching fibres placed in the reapir. It took 1 hour to complete the process.

Burn mark   Burn mark repair

Seat Burn

This is a more complicated type of damage for the hole is over a cross section of the grid pattern.


Seat Burn Repair

The hole has been filled with the main colour fibre, which has made the burn a lot less visable than it previously was.