Seat Burn Repair Process

This customer found our web site through a search engine. He had a seat burn on the rear off side seat that was caused by accidently dropping cigarette on the seat whilst smoking in the back of the car. He had already received a quote from a body shop that was in excess of £300 that reupholstered the entire seat, and wanted a cheaper option that would only repair the burn itself. He contacted us through email and sent us a photo of the damage for a quote. We replied back within 24 hours with a quote and a date and time that we could carry out the repair. He agreed and was booked in.

Seat Burn Damage

As you can see the damage is located in a small area. The seat pattern has a white fleck that runs through it. We advised the customer that we could only replace one type of fibre and that the repair would look a lot better but to make it 100% would require the seat reupholstered and that is something we don’t do. He agreed with our repair and we made a start.

Seat Burn Repair

As you can see the burn has been filled with the fibre and is not that visible but on closer inspection you might see where the white fleck is missing. The repair took 1 hour to complete and could be sat on straight away. The customer was very happy and thankful that the repair only cost him £55. If you have a simular type of damage as to the one above give us a call 0800 0778832 or email us on for a free quote.