Scratch Prevention

Scratches can be unsightly and difficult to remove or repair, the best way to repair a scratch is to prevent the scratch from appearing in the first place. This sounds easier than you may think but if you follow some of our tips laid out below you will find that you will reduce the chance of scratches appearing on your car in the first place.

Light scratches around handles.

These can be prevented by simply taking more care when opening the door handles around the car. Watch out for those dangly key rings for they too can scratch your cars surface as well.

Key Scratches/Vandal Scratches

Sometimes these sorts of scratches can’t be prevented for if someone is so intent on scratching your car then they will probably do so. But the chance of it happening can be reduced by leaving your car under well lit streets and near CCTV cameras, also if you have off street parking or a garage use it.

Bumper scratches

These can be prevented by taking more notice of your surroundings while parking, if it means you do a 5 point turn in a tight spot so be it for if you scratch your bumper the cost for repair can be quite high. You can always fit sensors to the front and rear of your cars bumpers, this will give you enough notice of an object that you would hit otherwise. But again if you take care with your manoeuvring this doesn’t mean that Joe public will, so when you park try and park as far away to everyone else as you can for if no one parks next to or around you then the likely hood of you getting a bumper scratch my someone else reduces dramatically.

These pieces of advice are meant to help you reduce the chance of scratch damage being inflicted on your vehicle.