Preparing For Your Car Body Repair

If you have received a quote from us by email, phone, or text and have booked in your car body repair with us then there are a few things you need to keep in mind on the day of our visit in order for the job to run smoothly and to be finished on time.

Parking Space

Our mobile car body repair technicians will need to be able to park next to or within 5 metres of the car that requires the car body repair. The reason for this is that we need to be able to reach your car with our air hose which is attached to the back of our van, if we can’t be that close to the car then we will not be able to carry out the repair and will have to book an alternative day when parking is available. This is a requirement for spray repairs but not necessary for touch INS like stone chips, seat burn repairs or light scratch removal. We understand that if you live within a built up area that has parking restrictions, being able to park right next to the car in question may not be an option, if this is the case ask a friend or neighbour that has the room if we can repair your car round there instead.

Access to Electric
This requirement is the most important for without it we would not be able to carry out any sort of car body repair no matter how small. Ideally we need to be within 25 meters of a power supply for that’s the length of our extension lead, if the distance is greater please let us know beforehand so we can bring additional extension leads. If the work is being carried out at a work premise or office block please ask for permission to use the electricity supply for they might have strict rules on who can and would make our journey pointless if we can’t.