Maintaining Your Car Body Repair

If you have had a mobile car body repair carried out on a panel and have not looked after it then the appearance could start to suffer. It’s not that the car body repair service  that repaired the car body damage have used inferior products but that if you use the wrong kind yourself when either cleaning or polishing your car you might affect the finish in the lacquer

One major factor is what polish you use and how regular you use it. For example if you use a polish that is highly abrasive like a heavy cutting compound and on a regular basis you are effectively removing layers of lacquer every time you polish your car, so using this on a freshly painted area on your car can cut too deep within the lacquer layer that might not have yet gone fully off resulting in a faded finish or even removing the lacquer entirely.

Another thing to bear in mind is that when you have a car body repair by a mobile smart repair service they don’t have the ability to cure the paint like they do in the body shop/accident repair centre where they use a baking oven, the mobile service only have mobile heaters that only do enough to cure the lacquer to a certain level.  So if you use solvents on your body work when you’re cleaning or putting in fuel you might affect the lacquer layer or even permently damage it.

If you use a too powerful jet was on your car or even get to close to the paint work while cleaning it you might blow the paint seal on the edges which could result in flaking the paint off the surface of the car body repair.

These factors that can affect the car body repair paint work laid out above should be taken into consideration when cleaning and polishing your car.