Light Scratch Repair Process

This customer contacted us via email and sent photos of the damage. After we had a good look at the photos in question we sent back an estimate within 24 hours of receiving the original quote request. The customer agreed the price and we arranged a date and time to carry out the repair.

Light Scratch Damage in Stevenage

As you can see from the photo, the scratches are all located around the petrol cap; they were probably caused by light scratching from passing branches or pedestrians walking down the side of the car and unwittingly scratching the petrol cap. The damage is not severe and took 1 hour to fully remove from the affected area.

Light Scratch Repair in Stevenage

As you can see from the completed repair photo, all the scratches have all been removed. The repair itself required no form of spray work and was completed within an hour using different techniques that reduce and then finally remove the scratches on the affected area. This type of repair is not for all scratch types but only the light scratches for if used on a deeper and wider scratch it would only reduce the scratch and not remove it.

This customer was based in Stevenage in Hertfordshire, if you live within this area or any other area within Hertfordshire, Essex or north London and you to require a similar type of repair please call on 0800 0778832 or email us a photo at