How To Prevent Dents

Dents are an all too popular occurrence on cars today whether it’s a top of the range sports car of a bog standard basic vehicle dents can usually be found on both and none are immune. Dents can usually be found on the sides of cars most of the times on doors and wings caused by parking incidents or people carelessly knocking into the side of the car. If not repaired they can start to look unsightly and bring down the entire look of the car. It virtually impossible to prevent dents from happening but you can reduce the chance of dents by following these 3 basic steps.


When parking your car don’t always park as close to the shops as you can for everyone else does the same, in doing this you are increasing the traffic and pedestrians that pass your car and increasing the chance of contacts. The best way to avoid dents while parking is to park as far away as you can therefore reducing the interactions that might take place with your vehicle.

Take care when opening your car door

Some dents can be caused by opening your car door to fast which catches an object whilst opening and dents the cars body work. To prevent this just take car when opening your door, if it’s windy don’t let go of the handle and when parking give yourself ample room to get out.

Be careful where you leave your car

Sometimes petty feuds about parking spaces can lead to vandal damage either key scratches or dents or even leaving your car under a tree can result in branches falling off and denting the vehicles body work. To prevent this always check where you are leaving your car and don’t leave the vehicle is an area that is known for vandal damage, if you can park in your garage or on your drive.
These tips laid out above are guides to help you prevent the problem of dents; it will not fully protect you but will help in the long run.