Dent Repairs and Dent Removal

Dents can occur through different and sometimes unusual means, the most common cause of a dent would be from a car park dent, where another vehicles car door has impacted on the side of yours while stationery. We can remove and repair dents depending on their location. Some dents which are too close to either an angle corner or curve can't always be massaged out and would have to be filled and sprayed. Our preferred method is to use PDR (paintless dent removal) although we do also offer the fill and spray service as well for those hard to get at dents. Repair time for dents would be approximately 30 min for paintless dent removal and 3 - 4 hours to fill and spray the dent (depending on weather conditions) carried out at the address of your choice (within our areas covered). Prices for the removal of dents using paintless dent removal are on average £60 per panel, prices for the filling and spraying of dents are on average (depending on size of dent) £150 and both are guaranteed for 2 years. Scuff 'n' Chips uses the latest paint and body repair technology to enable the finish of the work to match the original item (unless stated by our mobile car body repair technician). Colour matches for all makes and models are available.


Dent Repair Images
Dent Damage Dent repair
Dent Repair Before
Dent Repair After
Dent Damage on Rear Wing Dent Repair on Wing
Wing Damage
Wing Repair