Dent Repair Process

This customer lives in Bishops Stortford on the boundary between Essex and Hertfordshire he contacted us via email and sent over some photos of the damage , after close scrutiny of the images Scuff n Chips put together a quote and emailed it back within 24 hours. As you can see from the photo below the dent is quite severe stretching over the front wheel arch of his Nissan 4X4 and not a simple massage out job, it will need to be filled and sprayed which for this type of dent can be tricky for the lower wheel arch contour line has been pushed in and requires a skilled hand to repair.

Dent Damage in Bishops Stortford
The dent first had to be pushed out as much as possible to reduce the amount of filler that is required to build back the wing shape. After the filling was completed numerous layers of build primer were added to smooth of the surface and fill in the scratches. Undercoat, paint and then lacquer were applied to the area to finish of the job.

Dent Repair Essex

As you can see from the photo the repair has gone very well and is virtually invisible to the naked eye A repair like this should have been taken to a body shop or accident repair centre to be repaired but with the skill of our technicians we were able to fix the dent damage to a standard that the customer was more than happy with.

If you have dent damage that you might think is beyond what a mobile car body repair service can fix, first send us a photo or text it to 07966 799721 for if we can’t help you we would be only too pleased to pass you on to someone who can.