DIY Repair Process

Sometimes customers choose to repair their car body damage by themselves thinking it’s easier than then it is, but it isn’t and the results can be expensive to re-repair. There are numerous kits you can buy both at the shops or on the internet, that claim the repair is invisible or that it’s like a professional repair, unless you have had extensive training or a number of hours practicing you will never achieve the same standard. I have seen some customer’s repairs that have been very poor with lacquer and paint running as well as poor colour matching and bare patches, but I have also seen some very good repairs that have only slight imperfections and defects like the one illustrated below.

This customer had a lease car and had scuffed the front near side bumper while trying to park. He attempted to repair the scuff himself, the repair was very good and only noticeable because of the dull finish and the paint blend. He contacted us via email and we arranged a date and time to carry out the repair.

Customers DIY Repair

As you can see from the photos the finish is not that shinny and you can see the blend if you look near the edge of the bumper corner.
The repair was carried out within 2 hours and had a few complications one being the reaction of the paint when sprayed on with our water based paint. This is a common problem when repairing a DIY repair for the differing paints do not mix well. We had to remove all the paint that he had put on and start from scratch.

Mobile Car body reapir

As you can see the finished repair is glossy and the blend is invisible.

If you have got similar damage on your car and need a repair like the one mentioned above call on 0800 0778832 or email us for more information or book a date for the repair.