DIY Repairs

When people have a form of car body damage they have the choice of having the repair carried out by a professional or doing it themselves. Carrying out a car body repair by yourself can cause more problems than it solves for if it goes wrong or you are not happy with the final result you will have to repair it again which will most defiantly increase the repairable area.

The products you can buy for at home paint repair kits are not very accurate and require a lot of practice to control them. None more than the paint and lacquer aerosols which spray there contents in a wide fan action that is not accurate at all, and if not moved at a constant speed without slowing down or speeding up will affect the paint or lacquers finish by creating runs or bare patches depending upon the application speed and distance. Don’t get me wrong you can repair damage with these kits to a good standard but you will need to have a lot of practice to get a good result. Sometimes the amount of money you will spend on getting all the equipment and material to repair the damage yourself will be near to what a mobile car body repair service would charge you anyway so is it worth the effort?

This customer tried to repair his bumper scuff himself, is one of the better jobs I have seen, but he was unhappy that he could still see the repair, and where it is a lease car he didn’t want to get stung when returning it, so he contacted us for help.

DIY Repair by Customer

Repair by Scuff n Chips