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A key scratch (also known as vandal scratches) would be single or multiple deep scratches on the vehicles front or rear wing, front or rear door panels, bonnet, boot or roof. We would be able to fix the key/vandal scratch by either spraying the whole or part of the component depending on its location. The time it takes to fix the damage would be approximately 2 - 3 hours (depending on weather conditions) carried out at the address of your choice (within our areas covered). Prices for car scratches vary on the severity of damage and area to be sprayed with an average price of £95. Guaranteed for 2 years. Scuff 'n' Chips uses the latest paint and automotive technology to enable the finish of the work to match the original item (unless stated by our mobile technician). Colour matches for all makes and models are available. We cover a large area for this type of service which stretches from Hertfordshire and Essex to North London. For more information on all the areas we cover please see our Areas Covered page


Scratch Images Before and After
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Car Scratch Before

This unlucky customer had someone write a very nasty word on there car while they were parked. The series of scratches were deep and required a fair amount of primer to fill up the damaged area.


Car Scratch After

The damage was fixed in 3 hours to a water tight finish. The customer was very happy with the final result and never paked in the same spot again.