Winter Protection For You And Your Car

In winter time it’s always the car that suffers whether its from lack of cleaning or misused as a mule, if you don’t take care of your car in the winter then it will cost you more in the long run in repairs and maintenance. It’s sometimes the simplest things that can save you money and this is the case with taking care of your car, if you keep on top of maintaining the car then you keep your car running and looking at the best for longer.

Car winter protection
In winter salt is spread across most of the road surfaces across the UK to give grip when it’s icy and snowing, what salt also does is attach itself to your cars body work when you drive through puddles and can quicken the onset of rust. The best way to reduce the build up of salts on the exterior of your car is to regally clean and polish your car; by doing this it makes it more difficult for the salts to attach to the car surface therefore no rust.

Winter Tips

In winter breakdowns can be a regular occurrence so make sure you plan ahead. Always have some form of snack in the car and a bottle of fresh water in case you get stranded also a blanket and a torch, for if you have an electrical fault you will need to keep warm and signal for assistance.