Bumper Scuff Repairs

A bumper scuff is light collision damage affecting either front or rear bumpers, mouldings or their casings. We would be able to fix the scuff damage without respraying the whole component. Repair time for a typical scuff would be approximately 2 - 3 hours (depending on weather conditions) carried out at the address of your choice. Prices for bumper scuffs vary on the severity of damage and area to be sprayed with an average price of £95. Guaranteed for 2 years. Scuff 'n' Chips uses the latest paint and automotive technology to enable the finish of the work to match the original item (unless stated by our technician). Colour matches for all makes and models are available.

The areas we cover for this service are Hertfordshire Essex and North London, for more information on all other areas we cover aswel as specific towns or villages see our Service Area page.

Bumper Scuff Images Before and After
Bumper Scuff Damage   Bumper Scuff Repair

Bumper Scuff Damage Audi

This bumper scuff was caused by parking too close to a wall


Bumper Scuff Repair

The process took 2 hours to put back to a show room condition

Bumper Scuff   Bumper Repair

Bumper Scuff Toyota

This damage was caused by another car scraping the bumper while pulling out of a tight spot


Bumper Scuff Repair

The process took 2 hours to complete.

Bumper Damage Loughton   Bumper Scuff Repair Loughton

Bumper Damage Loughton

This scuff is located on the rear near side bumper corner.


Bumper Repair Loughton

This scuff was repaired within 2 hours

Bumper Scuff in Ilford   Bumper Scuff in Essex
Bumper Damage Ilford   Bumper Fixed