Bumper Scratch Repairs

A bumper scratch is generally caused by scraping along a stationery or moving object with your rear or front bumper. The scratches car usually found on the bumper corners. Bumper scratches can be repaired by using Scuff n Chips mobile car body repair service, we would take between 2 - 3 hours to fix the damage and the car will be driveable on completeion of the job. All that we require is somewhere to park our vehicle next to yours and access to electric. Most bumper repairs costs vary on the severity of the damage between £85 - £120 inclusive of VAT. If you live within the areas we cover in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London and you require a estimate please email us a photo on sales@carbodyrepairs-uk.info or call us on 0800 0778832.

Bumper Scratch Repair Images
Bumper Scratch Repair Carried Out In Essex   Bumper Scratch Repair in Essex

Bumper Scratch in Essex

This bumper scuff is located on the rear near side bumper corner. The damage was caused while parking, the customer is based in Essex.


Bumper Scratch Repair

The process took 2 hours to complete and could be driven straight away. We only sprayed a small area and blended the paint in so no need to spray the whole bumper.

Scratched Bumper Damage   Scratch Repair

Bumper Scratch

This bumper scuff is located on the entire near side bumper corner. It quite a large scuff so will require a fair amount of prep work. The customer is based in Hertfordshire.


Bumper Scratch Repair

After numerous layers of filler and primer the process took 3 hours to complete to a water tight finish.

Bumper Damage   Bumper Repair

Bumper Scratch Hertfordshire

This damage is right on the corner of the bumper on the near side rear. The customer caused the damage while paking in a tight spot at a super market. The customer was based in Watford.


Bumper Scratch Repair

The process was carried out on a nice sunny day so the drying time was reduced and therefore the whole repair time aswell, it took 1 hour 30 min to repair.

Bumper scratch damage chigwell essex   Bumper scratch repair chigwell essex

Bumper Scuff Damage Chigwell

This damage is located on the rear off side bumper corner of a Toyota.


Bumper Scuff Repair Chigwell

The repair took just over 2 hours to complete and can be driven straight away.


Bumper Scuff and Bumper Scratch process

Below is some photos of the bumper fix process from prep work carried out on the bumper scuff to the finished article after lacquering and polishing

Bumper scratch damage
Stage 1 Prep the Bumper Scratch
Stage 2 Painting Bumper Scratch
Stage 3 Lacquer Bumper Scratch

Scuffs and Scratches on the rear near side bumper corner

As you can see the scratches are on the side of the bumper corner on the edge of the wing

Scratch Preperation

The first stage of the process is to prep the damaged area fill in the scratches and prime the scratch damage ready to be painted

Painting The Bumper Scratch

The second stage is to apply the water based paint to the damaged area.

Finished bumper repair

The Third and final stage is to lacquer the painted scratch area, cut back and polish.