Best Weather for Mobile Car Body Repairs

Our mobile car body repair service has been designed to be used outside in the open; this type of service can be weather dependent. Most of the year the weather is mild and dry so carrying out paint spray work outside is trouble free, but sometimes the weather can change and in doing so can cause problems when using our smart repair service.

Most of the unsettled weather like light and heavy rain can be overcome for we carry a portable shelter canapé that can be erected within 2 minutes and is fully waterproof so the repair can still go ahead, it might take a bit longer to carry out but it can be completed.

 If the weather is windy the job can still be carried out but again might take longer than originally quoted for the paint and lacquer sprays at irregular intervals and patterns.

Wind and Rain
If you have a mixture of wind and rain then we would have to re arrange to have the damage repaired at a later date for we could not use our portable shelter in windy conditions. This is mainly down to health and safety reasons for if one of the base supports come away from the footing then the portable shelter is likely to move around erratically and could damage the car that is surrounds or people nearby.

Snow is another weather condition that makes the use of our car body repair service difficult. If it’s snowing then we would not be able to carry out the repair for it doesn’t come straight down like rain it flows in differing patterns and would slip under the canopy and damage the paint work. If it’s not snowing and is just laying snow then the repair can still go ahead.

The best type of weather to have your car body repair carried out in is when it’s dry and sunny. It cures the paint and lacquer quicker and makes it easier to spot imperfections within the paint work.

Cold Conditions
If the outside temperature is below 0 degrees the paint work and lacquer takes longer to cure but the repair can still go ahead. The reason for this is that we use a series of infra red heat lamps that heat the panel and the area around the repair.